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Systematic Savings and Loan Association was organized on June 5, 1923 (with the board meeting and minutes recorded on June 6th) under the name Fidelity Savings and Loan Association. At the time, there was another bank that was operating under a very similar name, so the original board members decided to change it to the current name.

While the original office was in the Holland Building, it was moved to the Lyon House in 1935 (have you ever heard of Wild Bill’s famous shootout there??). Thirty three years later, it was moved again to 318 South Street. Later, Harry Flanagan – the first president of Systematic – decided to raze this building and the neighboring building so that a new one could be built for the bank to what we can now see.

Since then, Systematic Bank has celebrated their 95th anniversary and have been thriving in their downtown community. You can often see Systematic participating in the events downtown like First Friday ArtWalk, Jazzfest, and a lot more! As always, anyone is welcome to stop by and say hi – and grab a cookie or two!


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